Paper Coating Technology. Printing methods for coated grades of paper and board, materials and equipment.
Packaging goes automatic
Marketplace forces are transforming the pulp and paper manufacturing space, from mass digitization to the maturation of the paperless movement.

Welcome to Ikbana Paper Industry co Ltd

Since 2013 Ikbana Paper Industry co Ltd has been partnering with businesses around the globe, helping them to reach their highest potential by driving operating excellence throughout the entire supply chain while improving financial performance.

IK Bana Paper has grown with many changing business conditions, but our commitment will always remain true to our core values and founding principles.  The most important factor in our over decades of success has always been empowering your people and processes with the tools and techniques that drive optimal performance.

We Have the most recent innovation and exceptionally talented group to make extensive scale paper items to full fill every one of the requirements of our clients. In our generation line. A4 Papers Wholesale utilize slitting machines to slice Jumbo paper moves to fabricate different sorts of paper items. Our business is led in all perspectives as per moral, proficient, and legitimate gauges and our business code goes about as a rule to our workers. A4 Papers Wholesale Manufacturers is synonymous with premium quality paper, which is reflected in the client’s trust in its items getting a charge out of the “Brand” status among its rivals.



Over the years, we’ve developed a detailed, step-by-step process that delivers exactly the results you need.


We investigate areas of opportunity, set priorities and define the scope of our engagement.


This is where we narrow in. We look at which business units, plants or facilities to target, and develop a detailed implementation plan.


This is the point when most consultants leave you with a binder and walk out the door. Instead, we’re developing a project plan, organizing work breakdown structure, developing performance goals, determining measurement metrics and making sure our strategies get the desired results.


The paper industry follows and is influenced by the changes in the world’s markets: from the increasingly demanding West which, despite its crisis, focuses on quality but also on savings, ecology, and also on efficiency, to emerging countries (which record sudden increases in demand and should be measured through other production parameters).

All our products are manufactured as per buyers specifications – Private Label requirements, to meet import Country requirements for size

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